ARs (2017), an album of music


ARs = Addiction, Recovery, Sobriety (acceptance, redemption, serenity, sanity)

This album represents ten years of work. Not just work on the songs, but also ten years of living sober. An amazing decade of pain, joy, fears, hopes, loss, growth, learning, and change. Ten years of life, fully present to feel, breathe, love, and be grateful. I hope these songs will help or inspire others in some small way. This record was created and offered as thanks to those who helped me. You know who you are.

The songs, nine originals and seven covers, speak of human struggles, and the rewards of living. They’re arranged in a narrative, as Acts I & II. I urge you to read the notes and lyrics (no cover lyrics, but you can find those online). There is much tucked into the songs and writings. Examples: Ars is the Latin word for art, Au is the chemical symbol for gold, and traditional practices held triple meter to be sacred, yet 4/4 was considered “common.” Listen, read, think, and most of all, feel.

This record is my offering to you.  Please enjoy.   And please tell your friends.  Over the next days I’ll post essays for the individual tracks.  Stay tuned…

Please share this music, but don’t steal it. Play it for your friends, buy it for them, or urge them to buy it. The CD/downloads are priced fairly. Please know that proper royalties were paid for the cover songs, plus CD production costs, etc. Thanks, P-Ray.

Buy/Listen at Bandcamp or CD Baby (iTunes, Amazon, others coming very soon…)

© 2017 P-Ray All rights reserved. Tracks 2,5,6,8,9,10,12, © the writers listed


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